Application Procedures

  1. Read ICAS’ specific documentation requirements for the country in which you completed your education, including the Important Notes.
  2. Complete the on-line application form (credit card payment required).
  3. Open the confirmation e-mail you receive, which includes:
    1. Your ICAS File Number.
    2. A Document Submission Form.
    3. An Official Records Request Form.
  4. Print and complete the Document Submission Form.
  5. Mail or courier the following to ICAS’ office in Canada:
    1. The completed Document Submission Form.
    2. Photocopies of the documents for your specific country, listed under “To be submitted to ICAS by the applicant.”
    3. Photocopies of any other applicable documents, listed under “Important Notes.”
  6. Print a separate Official Records Request Form for EACH qualification you wish to have assessed, even if you received several qualifications from one institution/authority.
  7. Submit the Official Records Request Form to the appropriate institution/authority for each qualification you wish to have assessed and request that the institution/authority send required documents directly to ICAS’ office.

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