New Applicants

How ICAS can help you

ICAS prepares Assessment Reports that describe education completed outside Canada and how it compares to levels of education in Ontario/Canada.

Assessments are prepared for all levels of education including secondary school, postsecondary (college, university undergraduate and university graduate) and technical.

An ICAS Assessment Report will help you achieve your personal and career goals if:

  • You live in Canada and have received some or all of your education outside Canada
  • You live outside Canada but are thinking of moving here to work or study
  • You are applying for immigration to Canada
  • You live in Canada and are applying for a TN visa to work in the United States under the North American Free Trade Agreement
  • You were educated in another province or territory of Canada but require an Ontario qualification for study or employment
  • You live in Canada and are considering education programs offered in other countries

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