Upgrade Your Report or Add Services

If you have already requested or received an ICAS Assessment Report, you can add qualifications to your previous report, upgrade your report to a Comprehensive Assessment Report or add services.

Please print the ICAS upgrade package. The completed application form may be submitted to ICAS by mail, courier, by fax to 519-763-6964 or by e-mail to documents@icascanada.ca.  If sending by e-mail, the form must be attached as a single file in pdf format.  The on-line application form is for new applicants only and cannot be used to update an existing report or add services.

Add Qualifications to an Existing Report


Add Secondary School Qualification
No courses: $75
With courses: $115

Add Postsecondary Qualification
No courses: $75
With courses: $185

Upgrade an Existing Report

General to Secondary School Comprehensive: $70
General to Postsecondary Comprehensive: $140
General to Secondary and Postsecondary Comprehensive: $230

Other Services


ICAS sends reports by regular mail unless you request delivery by courier. If you are submitting original documents, ICAS encourages you to select, and pay for, courier service so that your original documents can be returned with the Assessment Report.

In Canada: $25
To USA: $35
International: $85

ICAS will not return original documents by regular mail without your permission.  If you would like your original documents to be returned by regular mail with your completed Assessment Report, please provide signed, written authorization.

Extra Originals

The assessment fee includes one original Assessment Report.  Extra original reports may be requested.

Fee: $30 each

Electronic Copy

ICAS will send to you, or a third party, an unofficial electronic copy of your Assessment Report by e-mail. The electronic copy will allow you to preview your Assessment Report before you receive the original report.

Fee: $30

Electronic Transmission to ontariocolleges.ca

ICAS can send your official Assessment Report directly to ontariocolleges.ca (also known as Ontario College Application Service or OCAS).  ontariocolleges.ca will then send this report to all the colleges to which you have applied.  ICAS strongly recommends this for anyone applying for admission to colleges in Ontario.

Fee: $30

Additional Report for the USA

Two reports will be issued — one that compares your education to the Ontario/Canadian system and one that compares it to the US system.

Please note that ICAS can only prepare US Reports for applicants currently living in Canada.  Applicants who live outside Canada should contact an American organization which is a member of the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services or the Association of International Credential Evaluators, Inc.

Fee: $50

Reports in both English and French

If documents and/or translations are provided in both English and French, ICAS will issue two reports (one in English and one in French).

General: $60
Comprehensive: $90

Administrative Services and Fees

File Reactivation

If your file is more than two years old, a file reactivation fee applies.  You may also need to resubmit your documents in accordance with ICAS’s current documentation requirements.

Fee: $25


If you disagree with the outcome of your Assessment Report, you may submit an appeal.

Detailed information about the appeal process is available in our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

Fee: $200 (ICAS returns this fee if the appeal is successful.)