File Status

You can track the progress of your assessment online.  You will need your date of birth and ICAS File Number to log in.  Please note that the file status does not contain any personal information and cannot be used to update your application or add services.

Your file status will be updated when documents are processed by our Document Control Unit and as your file moves through the assessment process.  Please note that the current stay-at-home order, mandated by the Goverment of Ontario as a result of the on-going global pandemic, is significantly impacting ICAS' ability to process incoming documents.  Due to these restrictions and the volume of mail we are currently receiving, it may take 4 weeks or more for mail that has physically arrived in our office to be processed by our Document Control Unit. 

If you do not see an update with regard to the arrival of documents, this means that the documents have not yet been processed by our Document Control Unit.  Please do not contact ICAS to confirm the arrival of documents Staff do not have access to the incoming mail until it is processed by the Document Control Unit. 

Please rest assured that staff are processing incoming documents as quickly as possible.  The delays associated with processing of incoming mail are not expected to have any impact on overall report preparation times.  The average report processing times posted on ICAS' website are current and up-to-date.

Your patience and understanding is appreciated.

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