Privacy Policy

ICAS protects the privacy of its clients to the greatest degree possible while offering a service which necessarily relies on the collection and verification of personal information.  We adhere to the provisions of the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act, SC 2000, c.5, and our own Privacy Policy.

Purpose of Collection of Personal Information

ICAS collects personal information in order to prepare Assessment Reports and provide ancillary services and, in order to assess the credential and verify the authenticity of the documents, we consider the application and documents provided for our review and other information and documents from public and non-public sources including educational and governmental institutions and agencies (all of the foregoing collectively called the “Documentation”).

Consistency and accuracy of the assessment services we provide is dependent upon our ability to compare similar or identical qualifications submitted by applicants.  For this reason, it is essential that we retain a database of the documentation related to an applicant’s assessment. 

Access to Information

Employees are able to access only that Documentation which is required to perform their duties. All employees sign a Confidentiality Agreement.

Access to electronic documentation is password protected to ensure that personal information will be accessible only to those employees who perform tasks related to the request for an Assessment Report. 

No personal information is released to a third party without the applicant’s written consent, save and except if ICAS has determined that an applicant has submitted false documents, in which case we may notify government and non-government agencies including other credential assessment agencies.  By submitting an application, consent to the release of personal information in this circumstance is confirmed.

An applicant may contact our office at any time for a description of his/her personal information in our possession, and any third parties with whom it has been shared. If an applicant believes that any of the personal information in the application is erroneous, he/she may contact us to obtain information about the appropriate documentation necessary to correct our file.  We cannot address a concern regarding the accuracy of any Documentation received directly from a third party.

Use of Information

ICAS does not collect personal information for any purpose other than as set out in this Privacy Policy.

Original documents are returned with the completed Assessment Report provided that the applicant picks up the report in person, pays for courier service or provides written consent for their return by regular mail. Documentation provided by an institution directly to ICAS is the property of ICAS and is not forwarded to the applicant or to another third party.

Access to the Assessment Report and/or the Documentation on which it was based will be shared with third parties only where written consent and direction to do so has been provided by the applicant.

Storage of Information

Copies of all Documentation provided and that we obtain pursuant to each application are stored electronically.

ICAS maintains high standards of physical, electronic and procedural safeguards to protect non-public personal information.

By submitting an application, consent to our electronic storage of the Application, Assessment Report, and supporting Documentation for a minimum of ten (10) years is confirmed.  After that an applicant may specify in writing that we are to destroy the Documentation, or alternatively that we may continue to store only a redacted form with all identifying personal information removed. In either case, written confirmation that we have complied with the request is provided.

Our Privacy Officer

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