Upgrade or Add Services to an Immigration Report

If you have already requested or received a Canadian Immigration Assessment Package (formerly known as a Federal Skilled Worker Assessment Package), you can add a qualification to your previous report or add services.

If you have already requested or received another type of ICAS Assessment Report, you can upgrade your report to a Canadian Immigration Assessment Package, add a qualification, or add services.

Please print the Canadian Immigration Assessment Package upgrade package. The completed upgrade package can be submitted to ICAS by mail, courier or by fax to 1-519-763-6964.

Please review the specific documentation requirements for the Canadian Immigration Assessment Package.  In most cases official documents sent directly to ICAS by the institution are required. You will need to submit an Official Records Request Form to each institution for each qualification you wish to have assessed. Applicants are responsible for paying any fees associated with an official records request.

Please do not use the on-line application form to update an existing report or add services.

Canadian Immigration Assessment Package

This package includes:

  • Two Original Assessment Reports
  • Electronic Copy of Report
  • Secure Electronic Access Required by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC)

IRCC requires the ability to verify the authenticity of the original Assessment Report you submit to IRCC in support of your application for immigration/permanent residency. To facilitate this, IRCC will have secure access, for a period of ten years, to an electronic copy of your report and other required information.


General Assessment to Canadian Immigration Assessment Package: $140
Comprehensive Assessment to Canadian Immigration Assessment Package: $185

Add a Qualification

Add a qualification to an existing report: $135

This includes two new original reports and a new electronic copy of the report. IRCC will also receive the updated information.

Other Services (optional)


ICAS sends reports by regular mail unless you request delivery by courier.

Within Canada: $25
To USA: $35
International: $85

Extra Originals

The Canadian Immigration Assessment Package includes two original Assessment Reports. Extra original reports may be requested.

Fee: $30 each

Administrative Services/Fees

File Reactivation

If your file is more than two years old, a file reactivation fee applies.

Fee: $25

Appeal of Assessment

If you disagree with the outcome of your Assessment Report, you may submit an appeal.

Detailed information about the appeal process is available in our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

Fee: $200 (ICAS refunds this fee if the appeal is successful)