Required Documents

Country: Russia

ICAS requires original education documents (plus a set of clear, complete photocopies) or documents sent directly to ICAS by the institution or appropriate authority. 

For each qualification, ICAS requires both the graduation document (diploma or certificate) and the record of study (transcript, mark sheets, indeks, etc) in order to prepare any type of Assessment Report.

If you completed a postgraduate research degree (such as a Doctor of Philosophy), you must submit a copy of the title page, table of contents and abstract of your thesis/dissertation.  If ICAS cannot verify your thesis on-line, we will contact your university directly for verification.

Secondary School Postsecondary
Attestat / Certificate of Secondary Education
Addendum to certificate
Supplement to the diploma

Important Notes:

  • The processing of an application does not begin until we receive all required documents.  Incomplete documentation delays the assessment process. 
  • With the exception of original documents, all documents submitted for assessment become the property of ICAS and will not be returned.  Documents issued directly to ICAS by the institution will not be released to the applicant.  If you are submitting original documents, we would encourage you to select, and pay for, courier service so that documents can be returned with your Assessment Report.
  • If the name which appears on the documents differs from the name on your application, you must submit a copy of official evidence of change of name.
  • If the documents were not originally issued in English or French, ICAS also requires an accurate word-for-word translation of each document.  If you provide English-language documents or translations, you will receive an English-language report.  If you submit French-language documents or translations, you will receive a French-language report

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